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Divided into the sections steel construction, facade construction, plant construction and thick plate cutting, we would like to show you the broad scope of our daily work.

Steel construction

Gondwanaland, Leipzig

Floating Pavilion, Rotterdam

Vitkovice Excavator

Vollack – Wolkenhain, Berlin

WeserWind – Spider clamp

Stadium Legia Warszawa

Helicopter landing spot

Bridge, Bamberg

Different beam examples

Facade construction

Broad Museum, Los Angeles

Capital Gate Tower, Abu Dhabi

Max Planck Institute, Köln

The Blob, Eindhoven

Plant construction

Vessel Neurath

Cross joint of a boiler

IAG – Cooling boxes for furnace

Pipe elbow segment

Thick plate cutting

Facade nodes

Mounting bracket with chamfer


Gartner-Nodes Bahai Temple, Santiago de Chile