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Parametric Progamming of Vessel Heads

DomeCut is designed to program openings and markings for vessel heads. The used search vector concept allows the automatic compensation of tolerances without up-front measurements of the vessel head.

Functionality description:

  • All standard types of vessel heads and tank bottoms are predefined in the software
  • Openings can be defined with different types of welding preparations
  • V-Seam (outside/ inside/ combination of both)
  • X-Seam
  • Y-Seam
  • Macro definition based on 2D-DXF-Files
  • Automatic center point search algorithm
  • 3D simulation of the cutting process including collision detection
Programmed vessel head model

Available CNC-formats:

  • Fanuc-Robot TPE
  • KUKA Robot Language
  • Standard CNC-Code according DIN 66025 (Beckhoff, Siemens)
  • CLOOS Carola

Additional NC-formats can be implemented.

Simulation of vessel head program
Cutting of programmed vessel head