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Tube programming with 3D model

FrameCut is a software for generating NC-code programs for the 3D cutting of pipes and hollow profiles. It is well suited for the crane and steel building industry. The programming is based on the 3D model. The user does not have to type in angles and vectors. The calculated geometry, including the necessary welding preparation, is directly shown in the 3D model and can be transferred to the CAD system for quality control.

Functionality description:

  • Programming based on the 3D axis model
  • 3D visualization of the calculation results and simulation of the NC program
  • Wide range of different intersections including pipes, plates, cones, spheres and swaps
  • Multi intersections possible
  • Different types of profiles (circular, rectangular)
  • Automatic nesting of the different pieces for pipes with standard delivery length
  • Different welding preparation types available for steel building and plant construction industry
  • Compatible with TubeCut
FrameCut user interface

Available CNC-formats:

  • Fanuc-Robot TPE
  • KUKA Robot Language
  • Standard CNC-Code according DIN 66025 (Beckhoff, Siemens)
  • CLOOS Carola

Additional NC-formats can be implemented.

FrameCut 3D model
Assembled FrameCut project