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Software for three-dimensional cuts on thick metal plates

PlateCut is a numeric control programming system for three-dimensional multi-bevel cuts on thick metal plates. As initial input only the outer contour of the parts to be produced is necessary. The calculated result of the multi-bevel cuts is shown as a 3D modell and can be used as CAD-model for quality control.


  • Three-dimensional cuts of thick metal plates (80…400mm)
  • Possible manufacturing of various bevel cuts and 3D ruled surfaces in one part
  • Multi-bevel cuts possible, if the right cutting order is taken into consideration
  • Tapering cuts possible with suitable beveling unit
  • Programming extremely fast and easy
  • 3D graphics, simulation of the cutting process and export of programmed part to CAD-software
Program interface

Available CNC-formats:

  • Fanuc-Robot TPE
  • KUKA Robot Language
  • Standard CNC-Code according DIN 66025 (Beckhoff, Siemens)
  • CLOOS Carola

Additional NC-formats can be implemented.

Simulation PlateCut
Cutting result