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Hollow profile cutting

We are specialized in cutting hollow section profiles:

  • round tubes
  • square tubes
  • rectangular tubes
  • oval tubes

We prefabricate bent profiles as well as straight profiles and deliver the required contours including the desired welding preparation cleared from scale.

Besides cutting the required parts, we are able to offer a number of additional services for an optimal adaptation to the manufacturing processes of our customers.

  • assembly-compatible packaging and labelling
  • customer-specific stock-keeping and certificate management
  • secured material traceability and transfer of identification (punch numbers)
  • blasting of the material
  • just in time delivery
  • on-site production at customers to reduce logistics costs
Prefabricated pipe for offshore industry
Profiled hollow sections with welding preparation
Penetration of an I-beam and a tube with welding preparation
part dimensions up to:
  • length: 15 m
  • diameter: 1,5 m
  • mass: 5 t
  • wall thickness:
    • 3 .. 25 mm plasma cutting
    • 5 .. 200 mm oxyfuel cutting
available cutting technologies:
  • oxyfuel cutting with propane and acetylene
  • plasma cutting
Possible materials:
  • structural / fine-grained steel
  • stainless steel