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Robot calibration unit

  • Reasonably priced solution for reliable and accurate TCP (tool center point) calibration of robots and wrists
  • Very high accuracy (<0,1mm)
  • Applicable for every robot or wrist because of adapted calibration nozzles
  • Display of TCP-position with colored LED’s
  • Quick and easy application (no training necessary)
  • Battery-operated and therefore wireless
  • No training necessary if familiar with multi-point calibration
  • Recording of the measured values for analysis and logging using WiFi connection with PC, NC-control or smart device
RobCal user interface


  • Recording, visualization and analysis of the measured values
  • Logging the calibration values in PDF-Protocols
  • Export of the measured values in DXF-format
  • Easy and step-by-step user guidance for wrist calibration

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