We are using the Zis TCP calibration unit to teach, track and benchmark our Fanuc LR mate robots. We are a small manufacture of medical and orthopedic models, and are using the robots to machine precision cuts and holes into medical models, which means the TCP needs to be set and maintained to the highest accuracy possible.

The Zis is a very easy tool to learn and use. It has both visual “X”, “Y” “Z” LED position indicators, and hard position numbers, through the WiFi connected software. It also has a .DXF graph of each of the axis movements, which is extremely useful to benchmark the movement for future reference.

The Zis unit comes in a very nice padded wooden case that holds the unit and all the accessories.

I definitely think the Zis calibration unit is worth the investment we made, to get us beyond the visual TCP guesswork, and put us in a precision controllable calibration.

Jay Deibell

Electrical Controls Engineer, Pacific Research Laboratories, Inc.